“Post and Pray” Actually Takes More Work Than Recruitment Marketing!

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I read a great post over at Social Talent recently, written by Manna Shah, titled “Why You Should Stop Posting on Job Boards, Now!” Shah laid out the workflow between going out on job boards and posting jobs, versus going out and specifically sourcing for the candidates you actually know will fit the opening you are recruiting for.

Here’s the chart from the post:

Basically, the concept is if you just post jobs on job boards, and even your own career site, you will have a bunch of candidates to dig through, screen, etc. This is classic “Post and Pray” and as of today (2017), it is still the primary recruiting strategy of most organizations around the world.

You can see the amount of time in the chart that is spent on just phone screening (30 hours on average), plus you have to do that with more candidates because you really have no idea if they’ll fit or not. When you are actively sourcing and targeting a specific individual you will have fewer candidates to screen overall, fewer candidates to interview overall, less ‘work’ overall.

Most talent acquisition pros ‘post and pray’ because they truly believe this is the least amount of work that can be done to get candidates to fill their jobs. It’s either that or they have no other skills! I like to believe that they have skills, so from a psychological standpoint, the only thing that makes sense is they must believe post and pray takes less work to accomplish the task of filling jobs.

It’s the classic case of working harder, not working smarter!

In talent acquisition, we have the ability to work smarter, but we keep making the work harder decision. Working on understanding your employment brand, establishing great recruitment marketing practices, and educating and developing your team to be active sourcers, are all things we can do, but instead we invest in posting more jobs. Post faster, post in more places, post, post, post!

Posting more is killing talent acquisition, and we are definitely reaching the law of diminishing returns when it comes to posting jobs. Being a modern talent acquisition shop doesn’t take more work, it does take a willingness and desire to change, and some patience to get the machine started up and running.

Sometimes we have to break some stuff to make the next things better. Posting jobs is one small part of what we do. We now have so many great tools at our disposal to attract and find talent. The big question is, are you ready to stop working harder!?


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