Rant-full or Thankful? This HR Pro Chooses the Latter

Kelly Dingee HR, Kelly Dingee

I’ve been feeling very rant-full lately. And as I sat down to write this blog, and struggled to fully get my point across….it dawned on me that this is about making a choice.  Will I go low? Or will I go high?

I can make a choice to be a ranting, cranky recruiter type or I can turn each one of those rants into something to be thankful for….so here goes….

5 things I’m truly thankful for this season:

Numero Uno….My network. Oh my gosh I’ve connected with a lot of people this year! I’m incredibly fortunate to have a role that offers the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of professionals, from senior executives to high schoolers. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to connect with a wide variety of HR pros and I cannot express how happy I am to see them realizing their dreams. And, I admit, I have asked a lot of my network this year, and will probably have a huge ask again really soon, and every time, someone comes through. And you know, we think we know each other, but we don’t really, so this ability to pay it forward? It’s amazing. Thank you!  My biggest mission moving forward? To hope to be as generous to all of you known and unknown as you have been to me.

#2…..HR Tech. Truth be told, I am no maven of technology and my cube mates can own that there are several days when I’m cursing out a system, or my laptop or the internet gods—very quietly, but I am cursing. I know, I know, I have first world problems. And I know I am demanding and I hate having to click through a bazillion screens to see the information I want to access. But, the HR Tech I get to access is top of the line and I’m fortunate to be able to leverage it all in the hiring process. I’m incredibly excited for the new tool(s) I get to use in the coming months, as much for me as for our candidates. I love it when experience improves for all.

#3…..Opportunity. There is nothing like the thrill of the chase…I’ve talked to so many candidates with multiple offers and counter-offers.  Most walk into the process knowing what they want—sometimes I can offer that, sometimes I can’t.  The level of professionalism there has been in the turn-down, whether I’m delivering the bad news or they are, has me so impressed.  Gone are the days of dramatic overreactions; instead, this new age candidate can diplomatically give a turn down as well as they can get one.  Amazing professionalism and a goal of staying connected….because you never know when things will change.  This internet has made our world a little smaller in some ways and there is a chance we will cross paths again.

#4 Education. Have I told you I got my SHRM-CP? Or that I geeked out at a compliance conference? Or that I recently re-learned how to make an outstanding presentation?  It is so easy to become comfortable with where you are and what you are doing.  Being pushed and doing things that seem “hard” helps us really grow as professionals.

#5 Teamwork. I have the luxury of being a split resource and working with two really dynamic teams in our Talent Acquisition department.  People ask me how my job is now, because I had what many imagined was the ideal: working from home, calling my own shots, being something of a decision maker with a lofty title.  I enjoy the people I work with to no end, it’s amazing the different view points that feed into problem resolution and provide guidance.  And it’s thrilling to see people affecting change and making moves in their careers.

I hope as we roll into this month that celebrates our veterans, our histories and our families, that you can join me in finding a way to celebrate any negatives as positives. Enjoy!