The Future of Recruitment Marketing Trends

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For the past two years, SmashFly has a been a great partner of Fistful of Talent, but I’m sad to say this will be the last sponsored SmashFly post. Smash (as I like to call them) won’t be renewing as an FOT sponsor for 2018 as they look to try some new avenues in marketing.

That’s what great marketing does. It tries some things for a bit, then it tries some new things for a bit, and it keeps testing and trying. Nothing works forever and it’s our job in Recruitment Marketing to keep working to find new audiences and pipelines. We have loved our time working with SmashFly and will continue to support them as they push Recruitment Marketing forward to new levels!

In my last installment, I want to focus on the future of Recruitment Marketing. Some might say Recruitment Marketing is the future, but we have spent the last two years educating you on what’s now in Recruitment Marketing, so it’s about time we start talking about what’s the future.

Here are the trends to keep your eye on as Recruitment Marketing evolves:

Mobile Apply Becomes Real – Right now people find your jobs on mobile, but still most apply via desktop. This is mostly an organizational process problem, not a candidate problem. We make it too hard to apply via mobile. We treat our mobile apply process in the exact same way we treat our desktop apply process. These are two very different processes. Go apply via mobile, then go apply via desktop. In 99% of organizations, it’s easier to apply via desktop, basically because we’ve made it that way.

Employee-Generated Content Will Be King – We will always need great content. That isn’t going away. What is changing is what candidates are looking for and what they are looking for is for content generated by your employees. It’s real. It’s fresh. It’s transparent. Great, you put a highly produced commercial together—no one cares! We want the real stories behind who you really are. That doesn’t come from TA or Marketing, that comes from the employees doing the job.

Employment Brands Focused On Millennials Will Become Irrelevant – Employers need to understand that Millennials aren’t a ‘youth’ segment but a generation that just gave way to the next youth generation, Gen Z. The oldest Gen Z is now 22 and they will be the next generation you’ll be working to understand and recruit. They are not Millennials. They grew up during the Great Recession. They saw their parents lose their jobs, maybe lose their house.

Recruitment Personalization Gets Ratcheted Up – The best recruitment marketing shops will no longer recruit skills and positions. They will recruit individuals. We all want to be wanted. We all want to be recruited like the organization wants us specifically, not just someone with my skills and abilities. We need to find ways to recruit “Mary Smith, Critical Care Nurse” not recruit a nurse who has critical care experience.

Recruitment Marketing Technology Will Become Idiot Proof – The one downfall currently with Recruitment Marketing technology is that it’s still fairly sophisticated and TA shops haven’t caught up to that level of sophistication. What we will see with the next generations of SmashFly and similar platforms is they will continue to become easier and easier to use. Artificial Intelligence will play a role, and you can expect RM platforms of the future to be highly intuitive to what your organization needs.

Thanks again for the great relationship, SmashFly! Good luck in the future! If you have not demoed SmashFly yet, take this as my last reminder you need to. They are on the forefront of recruitment marketing and will continue to push the boundaries.

FOT Note:  We here at FOT like to think we get talent and HR at a different level. At the very least, we are probably going to have a different take than the norm. So it made perfect sense to ask SmashFly to be an annual sponsor at FOT, where they’ll sponsor posts like this one, allowing FOT contributors to write, without restriction, on all things related to recruitment marketing and how it helps organizations find, attract, engage, nurture and convert talent. Learn how you can proactively protect your organization from the talent crunch by building pipelines of engaged talent in our Talent Pipelines Solution Guide.