NEW Recruiter Nation Live Hangout Series!! The Psychology of Recruitment: Brain Hacking to Get Agreement

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Jobvite and FOT are back with another great installment of The Recruiter Nation Live Hangout Series! On Thursday, January 25th, we’ll discuss the very timely topic, psychology of recruitment–specifically, how you can use “brain hacking” to get agreement.


While technology continues to have greater importance in our day-to-day lives and jobs, knowing the things that make us uniquely human is just as critical. How you use social psychology, and our decision biases to help connect, engage and influence a job candidates is where you can make a huge difference.

Join Paul Hebert and Dawn Burke of FOT for this 25 minute video hangout as they riff on:

  1. How you can use aversion to your advantage – even when the person doesn’t have a job to lose.
  2. Understanding how getting small commitments can drive even bigger ones.
  3. Leveraging “framing” when you talk to candidates to help you lock in salary and other things you might normally have difficulty discussing with candidates.

It will be fun and fast. You’ll want to join us because it will turn your recruiting game up to 11.

(Hint – one of the weirdest influence techniques is included in this session. Listen in and Paul will explain it.)

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