Simple But Not Easy – Goal Mindset

Ben Martinez Ben Martinez, Career Advice

Waking up before 5 AM is simple but not easy. The majority of people hit snooze a couple of times and crawl out of bed much later. Every night, go to bed early to get 7-8 hours of sleep and set your alarm for a wake-up call at 4:27 AM. Simple but not easy. Not bragging here, just sharing what I have been doing. If you are a late night type and that works for you, all good here.

It is mid-January and our New Year’s goals that sounded easy on paper a couple of weeks ago are fading fast. Resolutions and goals are simple but not easy to execute. Work out more, eat better, grow revenue 10%, cut costs 12%, etc. Simple but not easy.

Start with something simple then build, like getting 7 or more hours of sleep. If you are getting 7 or more hours of sleep you are getting more sleep than most people and should be proud of that.

Doing things is simple. You just have to do it. You have to overcome whatever resistance you are experiencing and do the work. Right now you have something to do. I know you do. Overcome the resistance and do it. It is simple but not easy. Do the presentation today that is due next week…simple but not easy.

For the last 3 months, I have been waking up at 4:27 AM – simple but not easy.

Working simple is about is about mastering yourself so you can master your work and life. Working simple is pushing yourself, training your mind and body to be ready for anything in your life or work. Good or bad. Be ready and execute. Be ready for things to move slower than you planned because usually, things take longer than you thought.

Create goals you can control because they are simple to understand and simple to explain to people. At this time of year, many of you are leading teams or coaching people on how to communicate a mission, vision, and goals to the people they lead. Coach them to have goals that are simple with fewer goals. Prioritize then execute and re-evaluate in 90 days. Simple but not easy.

Hard work is simple but not easy. Do the work but do not make it more difficult than it already is with complexity. Your main goal is simple – figure out how to put food on your family’s table. Simple but not easy.