Is Your HR Department a HR Center of Excellence? Find out!

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Today at FOT I get to announce a new sponsor, Paycor, and I get to announce to our audience something really cool that Paycor is doing with the launch of their HR Center of Excellence (HR COE) site! It’s a must-see for sure! Paycor has 30,000+ SMB companies they work with and they were able to bring all of this data together to benefit all of us.

Paycor built the HR Center of Excellence around six pillars: Recruiting, Benefits, Labor Cost, People Management, Compliance, and Employee Experience. These are the big rocks that all of us running SMB HR departments must move on a daily basis. The HR COE is packed with content that helps you deliver great results across each pillar.

The HR Center of Excellence is not a marketing site, it’s a resource site for SMB HR and Talent departments to help them move to world-class. Within the site, you can actually take 5 quizzes (they’re super quick):

After taking these quizzes you get a score and based on that score you get access to a certain level of content for the level you currently are. Basically, as you progress and advance your HR and Talent skills there are three phases:

  1. Assess – what’s working, what’s not, where do we begin.
  2. Optimize – what are some new ways we can get better, little by little.
  3. Excel – this is where you take your department to the next level and become the envy of your peers!
So, how can you start on the path of becoming an HR Center of Excellence? 

The best way to begin this journey is to start by taking one, or all, of the quizzes. There is no cost to this. If I was you, I would take a look at the five quizzes and begin with the one where I’m feeling the most pain. How can I get some early, quick wins and start delivering results my executives expect.

Once you take a quiz and assess where your department is at within that pillar do this:

– Start with one small change, something you know you can sustain. Maybe it’s something like ensuring every application gets replied to.

– Track it. Make sure it happens. Hold yourself and your team accountable to make it happen.

– After the first week, report the results to those above you. “We started doing this and here are the results, and here’s why this is important.”

– Celebrate each small win.

– Rinse, repeat.

What you don’t want to do is take all five quizzes and build a list of twenty-five things you need to change overnight and try and implement those things the next day. This will fail. You and your team will feel stressed, and you’ll just go right back to doing what you always have done. The path to becoming an HR Center of Excellence begins with understanding where you truly are and then making purposeful small steps to making yourself better each day.

We don’t become successful through failure. We become successful through small successful steps on our path to greatness. Good luck, and let me know how you’re doing on your path so I can celebrate with you!

Paycor is out to help SMB HR and Talent pros get better. We love that at FOT and we are proud to have them as a sponsor because they think like we think! You can go subscribe to Paycor’s HR Center of Excellence newsletter and download a blueprint for the HR Center of Excellence, by clicking this link. As with every FOT sponsor, Paycor has agreed to allow us to write without limits, that’s pretty cool as well! If you haven’t checked out Paycor lately, you should, this isn’t your Mom’s payroll company!