Burn All The QR Codes Down And Follow MarTech To Stay Ahead Of The Recruitment Marketing Curve

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, Recruitment Marketing

The first episode of Shark Tank aired in August of 2009 and I’ve been following it ever since – mostly in syndication and mostly wondering “why I didn’t think of that?” While I love when passionate entrepreneurs land a big deal, it pains me to watch when people have not done the homework and get chewed up and spit out on national television. (Did you really not prep?! KNOW. YOUR. NUMBERS.)

This week (originally aired April 2017) I caught a pitch from VALIDATED, an app that allows users to accumulate points for shopping at their favorite local business and then cash those points in at a later date for discounts, rideshare services, parking fees, etc., and they got put through the ringer. Not because they didn’t know their numbers, but because their product is too complicated to use and has a dated interface and user experience.

See the video below for a highlight (email subscribers may need to click through to view).

The guy skewering them over the use of QR codes is Chris Sacca, a former Googler and an early-stage investor in technology companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, and Kickstarter. With that resume, it’s fair to say he knows his shit.

QR codes for any use other than mobile event entry have been dead for years because they’re a barrier to entry and create a gate between the end user and your content/destination, yet I still see them peddled by vendors and used at recruiting events.

There is a renaissance going on in the HR and recruitment marketing tech landscape. Thanks to a strong economy and generous VC funding, practitioners have access to technology partners to augment every point in the recruitment funnel; however, there’s still a lag between them and their MarTech counterparts.

I wrote about divesting in PPC and investing in retargeting here on FOT in 2014 and design thinking in 2015 – both of which are just now becoming mainstay blog/podcast/conference topics in the RM space. But I didn’t write about them because I’m smart, I wrote about them because I was following marketing vs. RM/HR trends.

When speaking to recruitment tech vendors dig into their product roadmaps and ask how they plan to evolve their platform over the next 6-18 months and see how it stacks up against emerging marketing trends.

Are they on point and does their roadmap fit with the next iteration of your desired user and tech experience?  Or, did they offer you a QR code for anything other than event entry? If so, politely decline and flag their email as spam.