WEBINAR! Building the perfect recruitment stack for your brand.

John Cloonan Webinar

You know what a “full-stack” developer is, right? Whether you do or not, you know that when you hear those words, you’re dealing with an expert. Full-stack developers know that there are many layers to developing software. They’re masters of many of those layers, and they know how all the layers work together.

How about recruitment marketing? It’s got many layers, too, and those layers interact to create the user experience for your candidates. FOT’s Kris Dunn has partnered with the HRO Today Outsourcing Thought Leadership Council to show you how to become a full-stack developer in a webinar on Wednesday, June 13, from 10-11 ET.

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You’ll learn:

  • What the elements of the “recruitment stack” are
  • How the layers interact
  • What you should do within each layer
  • What you should measure

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