The Company Is Amazing and Nobody Is Happy

Ben Martinez Ben Martinez, Business Development, Career Advice, Change, Email, HR, wellness

When you do things you can control, your chance of success is high.

I control what time I wake up. It was 4:35 AM this morning. Early? Yes, but it allows me to get stuff done.

I control what I put on my to-do list (this blog post was one of my to-do list items).

I control how hard I work on my to-do list. If I do the work, I achieve successes. If I don’t do the work, I don’t achieve success. It’s that easy and I am the only one who can own my work.

The other day I saw a guy complaining about his flight problems on Twitter. What about recognizing that it’s actually a miracle we can fly from LA to Boston in 5 hours when that used to take 20 years with deaths and injuries along the way…

When I talk to candidates who work at amazing companies, they are unhappy. People get used to their fortunes, free lunches, movie days,  and so on, and compare themselves too much to their friends at other companies. After their free lunch, they go back to doing work they do not have any control over.

With recruiting and HR think about the work that is not in your control. For example, think about sourcing –  Is nobody responding to your emails? Change the wording in your messages or maybe don’t email at all. Not getting that “seat at the table” – change your approach. You are probably the problem, not them. Own what you can control, ignore the rest.

I think the older we get, the more we realize what matters, or maybe the older we get the less we care about the things we know will not matter in the end – like the bad boss jokes, our job title, or the shady business development guy who only wants to talk at 10 PM over slack.

Focus on what you control. Your company will be more amazing and you will be happier.

PS – a study from the Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index in the US showed that the occurrence of “a lot of stress” or “a lot of anger” declines throughout life, more rapidly after age 50. Keep working kids – life just gets better.