How to Tell If A Recruiter Can Be Your Next HR Manager

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One strong opinion I have is this—if you aren’t recruiting as an HR Generalist, you’re an administrator, subject to being outsourced at your employer’s whim in the future. I believe HR people need to be heavily involved in the talent acquisition process in their companies. I know recruiting can be, and is outsourced, but if you are good on the recruiting front as an HR Manager, you’ll always have a job.

So, it stands to reason that Recruiters are great candidates to be HR Managers.

Of course, not all Recruiters would make solid HR Managers, but many would. Here’s my list of the top three reasons why Recruiters would potentially make great HR Managers, then my top three barriers that have to be validated before you would ever put a Recruiter in the HR Manager role.

Why I love Recruiters as potential HR people:

1.  Energy – Most Recruiters have better energy than your average HR Manager. Energy is good, and our profession can use some spicing up…

2.  A.B.C. – (Always Be Closing) – Recruiters are salespeople, used to working a funnel and closing business. There’s usually a scoreboard involved, be it the number of vacancies, time to fill, or cost to fill.  That means most Recruiters worth a promotion to HR Manager know how to compete. Another good attribute to have.

3. Employer Brand Awareness – As part of the ABC equation, Recruiters are always aware of your brand proposition. That experience bodes well as they make the transition to retaining as well as recruiting employees. Who better to tell your employees why this is a cool place?

Before you hire that Recruiter as an HR Manager, check under the hood for the following:

1.  Patience – HR Managers have to have patience daily. Workplace politics and human nature conspire to make HR Managers take 4 steps where 1 would have been OK in order to keep everyone happy. If your Recruiter doesn’t have that, don’t put them in the job.

2.  Judgment – What’s the reputation for integrity and good decision making with the Recruiter in question?  Are they viewed as a business partner by the departments they recruit for, or the jester that wears the lampshade after knocking a couple back at the Christmas party? This question isn’t limited to Recruiters; it would be there for any transfer from another area into HR. The Recruiter has to have a good reputation, or it won’t work…

3.  Tolerance for Administrivia – Recruiters will see more administration in this role more than they are used to. If they seem overly frustrated by the administrative burdens of your ATS or EEOC process, they probably won’t be a great fit.

Recruiters are great candidate sources for HR manager openings. Follow these guidelines to determine if they have the chops, and you’ll end up with a great selection without getting burned.