You Worked Really Hard in 2018.

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It’s 2019 and it’s already time for everyone to start implementing New Year’s goals. But before you jump in and make good on your 2019 resolutions, let’s acknowledge that you worked really hard in 2018. Like really hard.

You may not have met all of your 2018 personal goals, and maybe missed the mark on one or two objectives, but pat yourself on the back–you worked hard in 2018.

You’re probably back at work asking yourself, “Why didn’t I get this work done before the break? Am I in the right job? What will 2019 bring?” and, most importantly, “What should I do differently in 2019?” Now that it’s officially the new year, stop procrastinating already and start doing.

Do not tell yourself you are awesome, smart, or talented. You do not want to put a label on yourself or anyone else by saying you are skilled or something. By doing just that, you are building a box to contain yourself.

You want to ignite a fire.

You want to do better in 2019. Even if it’s just a little better–it’s still better.

Instead, reflect and build upon yourself by using language like, “I like how hard you worked in 2018, and I would like to see you work harder and smarter in XYZ area in 2019.” Constructively build your confidence.

Do this when you talk to other people too. Building up skills is about building confidence. Build that confidence to build connections. Sounds simple, but it isn’t easy.

If you are leading or coaching people, you need to be able to lead yourself. I work with HR pros who can’t control how many donuts they eat but yet they are the first ones telling a business leader how they should run their shop.

A good way to get better is to learn a new skill. For software engineers – take a class in design, so you understand the perspective of a product designer, and visa versa for product design people. An HR pro should sell their company’s product and deal with the rejection and the struggle of not getting paid so they can understand the perspective of a sales pro.

Get perspective by learning something new.

How did I come up with this? In the book, “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, Coyle shows how the wiring of our brains can be programmed to achieve our full potential, and these tips are something I use every day. By golly, my guitar practice is going to make me Instagram famous!

You worked hard in 2018. Let’s do better in 2019.