That Company Has 3 Types of Workers.

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People are wired to work and make things happen. You may or may not like your job, but you are there to achieve things for your company. That is why you should hire more people who actually love their work.

There are three types of workers.

  1. The “job” worker. This is the person who hates Mondays, lives for the weekends, and brings donuts in on Friday. They are always looking to escape work and haven’t taken a deep look within to explore why they do what they do. There is no love in their work, it’s just a job.
  2. The “career” worker. They want career status. VP of X, Chief XYZ Officer, and so on. They compete with others (often in their own company) for better titles, higher pay, and attention from the boss or board.
  3. The “mission” worker. They are on a mission to change something. They want to change the industry, and the world, all while adding value. They will do what it takes to get the job done, and they love their work. They don’t care what their title is, they care about making things happen.

I have seen all three personas.

When I am talking with candidates, I want to see what gets them out of bed in the morning. Is it a job? A career? A mission to make something happen?

When I find the “mission” worker, it’s like a sip of excellent black coffee, while the “job” worker is like the stale cup of office coffee that has been sitting in the coffee pot for too long. Yes, stale coffee is technically coffee, but there is no love in the taste of it.

The mission worker cares more about work and life than anyone else, but it also means they are not looking to make a move anytime soon. They are hard to find and even harder to recruit.

That is why you, the hiring manager, will need to show them the difference they can make at your company and what things they can make happen.

Work is more than watching the clock, climbing the career ladder, or collecting stock options with your next promotion. Find more people who love making things happen and offer them work that will let them make things happen.