The 2019 Word of the Year!

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We are over halfway through 2019 so I think it’s time we can start calling out the theme or word/phrase of the year. It’s funny how each year there actual words/themes that raise to the surface.

Here are some of the previous year’s words/themes:

  • 2010: app (an abbreviated form of application, a software program for a computer or phone operating system)
  • 2011: occupy (verb or noun inspired from the Occupy movements of 2011)
  • 2012: hashtag (a word or phrase preceded by a hash symbol (#), used on Twitter to mark a topic or make a commentary)
  • 2013: because introducing a noun, adjective, or other part of speech (e.g., “because reasons,” “because awesome”).
  • 2014: #blacklivesmatter: hashtag used as protest over blacks killed at the hands of police (esp. Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York).
  • 2015: Singular they (as a gender-neutral pronoun, especially for non-binary gender identities)
  • 2016: dumpster fire (an exceedingly disastrous or chaotic situation)
  • 2017: fake news (disinformation or falsehoods presented as real news or actual news that is claimed to be untrue)
  • 2018: tender age shelter (a euphemism for facilities in which children of illegal immigrants are detained by government officials)

So, what do I think 2019 should be?


I first heard this from my friend Carmen Hudson when she was talking about her husband (and fellow FOT author!), William Wiggins. William, she said, had taken over using her ‘self-care’ phrase to basically take more time for himself. Maybe buy a new pair of shoes. Stop for drinks after work, etc.

When she was telling us the ‘self-care’ usage stories, we were laughing hysterically. After that I kept hearing this phrase being used all the time by folks in other parts of my life and each time I heard it, it made me smile and think of William, but I was also taking note that something was growing with this ‘self-care’.

So, what is ‘self-care’?

Selfcare is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety.

While all of the definition of self-care is accurate. It does seem a bit, well, I’m not even sure how to say this…soft. Like, I can guarantee you that your grandparents never, ever, talked about self-care!

I love it, though! It works for everyone. I can go home and tell Mrs. Sackett that I’m going golfing tomorrow and taking a day off work because ‘self-care’. I have a new pair of shoes coming from Nordstrom, because ‘self-care’.

Self-care is important for all of us, plus it’s the ultimate excuse to just do whatever it is you want – and most importantly – not do the crap you don’t want. “Sorry, Charlie, I won’t be making your kids second birthday party because ‘self-care’.”

I mean, it’s the perfect excuse! It’s vague enough where someone doesn’t really want to ask, because the answer might open a box of worms they don’t want to get involved in. Also, we want to seem evolved as people to understand that it’s actually a ‘good’ thing for people to take care of themselves!

So, in 2019 be more like William – take care of your poor selfs and give yourself some self-care!

Tim Sackett

If you Google “Tim Sackett” you’ll find our Tim, and a truck driver chaplain. Our Tim is NOT the truck driver chaplain, although how awesome would that be if he was!? He is a prolific writer in the HR and TA space who just happens to also run an Engineering and IT contract staffing agency (HRU Technical Resources) out of Michigan. He also writes every day at his own blog, the Tim Sackett Project. Weirdly, he’s known as an expert in workplace hugging, which was kind of cool years ago, but now seems painfully creepy, but we still love him and he’s fairly harmless. Tim is also on the board of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), lifetime Michigan State Spartan fan, husband to a Hall of Fame wife, 3 sons, and his best friend Scout. He also wrote a book with SHRM called The Talent Fix, you can find it on Amazon.

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