What’s the Rush? Can You Dump Your Quick Application?

Katrina Kibben ATS, candidate experience, Candidate Pool, Uncategorized

I’m all for efficiency. Check out any of those online personality assessments that are supposed to help you sell to me. I like direct communication. Let’s get shit done. 

I’m the same way when I go to the grocery store. I organize my list in the order of the rows. I don’t like to wander aisles at all. 

Speed is great for the grocery store, introduction calls, and world records. Speed is not so good for the apply process. 

I’ll say it: These “the application should take 2 minutes!” people don’t get hiring. 

If sheer volume of resumes is your goal? Ok. 

But I don’t know anyone who operates hiring that way. Reasonable goals are aligned to quality, experience, and memorability to drive actual results. More unqualified applications on your desk? I don’t think that will drive those specific metrics.

Finding a balance between the sprint and the marathon

To everyone who’s typing an angry note right now about drop-off rate, hear me out. I think it’s more about setting expectations than creating the perfect application. Candidates would happily sit through an extended process if we left a few clues as far as the next steps at any point along the way.

I’m ok with a process that drives some people to drop off if they’re genuinely not interested. I don’t always want another box-check to apply. That translates into candidates who respond to a recruiter’s call with, “oh did I apply?”  Calls don’t get much colder than hearing that on the other end. 

I am not ok with a process that takes 5 seconds and causes a million headaches and unqualified applications.