EB Champion or Cheerleader? There’s Only One Choice

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I realized today that I have been looking at the part I play in promoting a company’s employment brand all wrong.  I believed this years ago, that one of my skills as a sourcer was to be head employment brand cheerleader. And whether working for a staffing agency or a corporate entity, my role was to always chat up how awesome the company I support was.

I actually said in a meeting last week that part of my job was to be head cheerleader for the company brand. Even after 2 months. I’m a recruiter, that’s what I do. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Like will my allegiance shift next week? How loyal am I? And how after 2 months can I cheerlead for my new employer? Looking back, it gives me pause. I explained it all wrong. Now mind you, I was saying this in the context of building employment brand on social media, and leveraging presence and personal appearances at industry conferences. 

It’s still wrong. Really wrong. So called brand cheerleading is just the surface of what I should be doing as a recruiting manager. Pretty pictures and conference appearances are just the tip of the iceberg of what is needed for furthering employment brand. What I really want to be and truly am, is a brand champion. And that’s different.

As a brand champion my focus has to be different.  First, I want to be completely articulate as I tell you about the company I work for, and why it stands out amongst its competitors. And you know what? I want the opportunity to tell you that, so I’m going to be completely accessible to answer your questions. I’m more email friendly than phone friendly, and that’s why I’ve popped it into my LinkedIn profile.

Second, as a brand champion, I’m going to share with you why professionals like yourself come to us, and stay, because the culture adds a value that money cannot match. Some of us have had to work in a lot of work environments – kiss a lot of frogs so to speak – to find a company with amazing culture, others find it with their first gig. Doesn’t matter when you land, when you do, you’ll know it’s an awesome benefit and stay.

Third, I’ll share my story and tell you why I joined the company, I had a pretty sweet gig where I was, at a well known organization, and I chose this company for multiple reasons, but above the money and the commute, were the people and even better, the potential to do great work.

Lastly, I’m going to look at the company’s failures with you. Every failure I have ever had has lead to something better.  Mistakes are teachable moments, and how we rebound after failures is huge. I believe the same is true within organizations. All will experience some kind of fail and have performance hiccups. How a company comes out of it is the most important thing to watch. As a brand champion I can share with you how we’ve learned from our failures and are positioned for growth.

So today I return my pom-poms, but not my passion.  Forever a brand champion!