Amazon’s New Hiring Commercial Gets One Thing Really Right!

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It seems like the world has a love/hate relationship with Amazon. We LOVE Amazon Prime and get all of our stupid stuff next-day, but we tend to want to grind them on their employee experience and hiring practice. It’s quickly becoming holiday season and Amazon probably needs to hire three hundred million people, so they have a new commercial out that seems to be everywhere:

Abby and Elenda over at SkillScout I’m sure would give it two thumbs up!

So, what do they get really right? You might have noticed at the :21 mark a young woman says the following statement:

“You’re going to pay for me to go to school so I can eventually leave the company, like, that’s insane!” 

This shows a company that is willing to help their employees better themselves without any consideration for you to stay around, but we all know the dirty little secret – that those employees who do go and take advantage of furthering their education will probably stay and extend their career with Amazon.

But it’s the way she says it that’s so real. “Wait a minute! I can work here and you’ll pay for my education, and then I can just leave for another job and you’re alright with this!?!” Yep! Come work here and we’ll show you!

It’s a brilliant piece of recruitment marketing and is subtle and quick and while it’s professionally produced, really any of us could make this commercial with our own staff, some good lighting and a decent mic, and a smartphone with a good camera.

You might only have the budget to put it up on your career site and social channels, and not a multi-million dollar tv budget, but that’s the beauty of this type of marketing is that it scales based on what you need – or can afford.

Love or hate Amazon for their work hard, Type A culture, but the TA team over there get this hiring commercial right. This is who we are. This is what we do. This is what you get. Straightforward, concise, just about as perfect as you can get with this type of content piece!