Focus! Maybe An Accountability Partner Would Help

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I am a big believer in the power of focusing. “Focus and finish” is a phrase you’ll hear me say to myself, my daughter – and perhaps occasionally to my husband.

Most of us in the HR space know year-end and the fast start once January 1 rolls around = bust your a$$ while everyone else is taking time off. Budgets, comp planning, performance discussions, goal setting, kicking off confidential searches, scrambling to finalize a project before you “start fresh” in 2020 – the list is neverending.

The start to a year (and the end of the last one) is truly one of the busiest times and yet your motivation may swing more towards other things.

Thankfully, I came across this article that led me to this website which could be the perfect solution for some of you. I’m personally suspect, so please let me know if anyone tries it and loves it.

For those not clicking through – the essence of this solution is you sign-up (and presumably pay) for a 50-minute live co-working session with a stranger in order to focus and get your crap done. You MUST keep your video on, sound on (unless your work involves a call or listening to music) and no funky stuff.

I 100% believe in accountability partners, but spending 50-minutes trying not to lurk at what my video accountability partner is doing while I try to finish xyz project just seems, well…strange.

Some of the testimonials:

A wonderful tool for those who experience depression. Having a session planned means that you have to get up, shower, and get dressed. The 50-minute session is long enough to be effective but not so long that it will be draining.”

“This application is literally changing my life, helping tackle an addiction that has ruined it!”

So, there you go. Intriguing for sure, and heck, they have almost 4,000 Facebook page members so there is a following. Who knew? Now, stop procrastinating by reading blogs, focus and go finish your 17th performance evaluation. You’re welcome, have a great start to 2020!