Complainers and Braggers in a COVID-19 World – There’s No Time For It

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We are truly living in a strange and unique time right now. Everyone is dealing with COVID-19 and fighting the good fight while keeping a social distance in their own way. Some people are complaining, while others are bragging about how ready they are. 

We are going to learn a lot – work from home, home school, social distancing, layoffs, new companies, and innovation. If you are recruiting people for a living, your work is different. There will be some good that comes out of this but complaining or bragging doesn’t help.

Complaining or Bragging. Both make your job harder and take you out of the moment and away from the task at hand. 

The Complainer…

The “one-upper” who always has it worse than you. They complain about their highly compensated job, and the more money a complainer makes the more he complains. He seeks more money, bigger deals which in his case cause bigger problems and more stress. He can’t seem to figure out what he is chasing. He copes with his stress by complaining to anyone who listens and the bad part is they often lead a sizable team of people and they all freak out behind the complainer’s back. 

When dealing with a complainer, ask something like this, “how are you going to fix it?” or “why does that bother you?”…people will eventually figure out their problems and surprisingly thank you for your help. They just needed someone to hear them complain and reflect their complaints back with some questions so that they could see their situation was fixable. 

Do not make complaining one of your COVID-19 responses.

The Bragger…

The self-claimed ninja. They are hiding something but telling you something else. They are not that good. It’s easy with social media…look at me. Working hard, making money, buying boats and stuff. I have to tell you how good I am because I want you to know because nobody else seems to tell me or worse, I am narcissistic and need people to tell me I am pretty, rich and powerful to feel relevant. 

If you have to tell someone how good you are, question what you are doing. Late 2019, there was a big argument going around on Twitter about the number of hours someone needs to work to be successful. The real answer here is you will need to work some hours every day because every day, there is and will continue to be disorder and your job with work is to organize all the disorder. So, every day there will be work and work to be done. Working hard will make you successful in what you are doing and this will require a lot of hours of work.

Organize and build your business. You don’t need to tell anyone about it, just do. Let people see the results if they choose to but pay no attention to who is watching. Just do. Eventually, people will come to you because they know you will do the work and will want to work with you because they want to do work. It’s that simple.

Be ready to work. Reach out to people right now and help them. Family, friends, your work network and community. Lead yourself out of the darkness.

I get it. COVID-19 rocked your world. Mine too. There’s not enough time to complain or brag. Just do the work.