You Might Need to Wake Up From Your Dream

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Times are strange. 

The other day, the CHRO of a former F500 employer reached out to get the password for an 9 year-old Twitter account. Somehow, I remembered my password and got them what they needed. No thank you from them. I guess they had a dream they should have done something with that Twitter account and got what they needed to pursue their Twitter dreams.

Three days later, I spoke with my neighbor who appears to be a normal, run of the mill American. He is going to run for President of the USA. Apparently, he had a dream about it and Jesus told a man who came into his bedroom to wake him up in his dream and this man told him he should run for President. Maybe he overdosed on Jesus’ Easter movies. I’m not making this up either. His website will be released soon…

At a certain point, we need to recognize that life is not about us. Too much time indoors, watching the news and eating donuts will make us go crazy and think we are ready to run for President. 

Sometimes, I speak with candidates, who think they are worth more than what they bring to the table. I know they aren’t but I talk with them to hear their story. Many of them are stuck in their dreams. Their opinion of their abilities for the job is way off. They are dreaming, stretching and trying to make something of themselves. I get it. 

There is an author and entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau, who really wants me to read his book called The Money Tree. He has mailed me 2 copies (1 paperback and 1 hardcover). The book is on my list to read. It’s a story about finding fortune in your own backyard. Let’s do this! Sometimes I dream that I am sitting on gold in my backyard. 

I work with many executives and CEOs. They all think their product and company is the next Apple computer or something. They are dreaming.

Dreams and visions are needed to change the world and change work. Keep dreaming. Thirty years ago it was a dream to use video to talk with someone from a small phone. 90 days ago few of us could have imagined we would be working from home on some type of lockdown.

Whether you are stuck in 2011 trying to figure out Twitter, off your rocker campaigning for President because Jesus said so, changing the world with a book, applying for jobs you have no chance for or playing superheroes with your kids (I was SuperMan with my 5-year-old last night and it felt good!). Keep dreaming.

Reflect on your dreams, connect with people you trust and prioritize what you need to do to achieve your dreams. Many of us are stuck in our own heads dreaming right now. Keep working on yourself in your head and come out when you are ready to get after those dreams with action and good work.

Times are strange for all of us right now and we are coping in our own way.

PS – Sometimes connecting with other people you trust will indicate you need to wake up from your dreams. That’s okay. Pivot, and change direction.