If I Were Looking for an HR Pro I’d Recruit Teachers

Paul Hebert HR, Paul Hebert, Recruiting

Disruption sucks.

We’re in the middle of arguably the most disruptive period in 50 years for business. While some might counter with the advent of the internet as the biggest disruption, I’d mention that change happened over the course of a decade. We had time to watch it unfold. We say things happen in internet time. Everything, except the adoption of the internet in business.

Heck, I saw something the other day where people needed to FAX in a form to register.

FAX!!! Who does fax anymore? Well, other than our crack government administration.

But the lockdown, shutdown, stay at home – whatever you want to call it – happened like Thanos snapping his fingers. It literally happened over-freakin-night! No warning (sort of). No practice rounds. No game plan binder shoved between the binder for employee time off forms and the OSHA excuse compendium.

We went home on Friday. Monday the world stopped at 6:00 am when your alarm went off.

But it wasn’t just business. It was everyone. Schools in particular. Teachers and education administrators had their world turned upside-down just like HR did. And they reacted. They stepped up. Paraphrasing something from my Facebook feed (the only source for 100% accurate and correct information) teachers “Apollo 13ed it”. And they did it with little infrastructure and little experience.

Teachers got it done.

And then they said “Hold my beer” and raised that bar with home visits and one-on-ones through glass doors, and calling student directly. On their own time in many cases. I don’t have to document every little act of grace and dedication here. You know they stepped up – and stepped up way above their pay grade.

Schools are where many real heroes congregate.

Take a minute. Reach out to a teacher next time you’re looking for someone you need to stand on your wall, to be the first line of defense and offense for caring and enabling your workforce. I know your workforce isn’t comprised of children – but your people deserve the same caring and compassion children deserve.

Your employees need people who can improvise, engage, and tailor their approach based on the person’s style and situation. And do it under stress and by going the extra mile.

Teachers get sh*t done.

Think about it.

I’ll end with the old saw… If you’re reading this it is because of a teacher.

And you always read anything with my byline – right? 😊