Hebert Out

Paul Hebert Always Be Closing, Paul Hebert

I started my own blog in 2006. Kris Dunn somehow found it and liked some of the things I wrote.  

About a year later, he called me and introduced himself, gave me the 411 on a new blog he was building with Jessica Lee, and asked if I was interested in providing content. He described it as an HR-focused blog with multiple authors, each vectoring in with their HR point of view. Mine focus was engagement, recognition, rewards, and leveraging behavioral psychology (yeah… before it was cool, we were doing it at Fistful of Talent.) 

Back in 2006, I had a lot to say. Blogging was somewhat new. My business space had very few, if any, blogs focused on how to influence employee behaviors. I guess I was one of the few bigmouths willing to hit publish and suffer the slings and arrows of commenters. Yeah… people used to engage in the comment section on blogs. So 2007.  FOT gave me a new avenue for pushing my point of view on unsuspecting HR pros.

Fast-forward to today and you can’t swing a stuffed animal without hitting a blog on recognition, engagement and behavioral economics. Each post retreading the same studies and same information you could have read here on FOT 10 years ago. We were (are) ahead of our time.  

But I’m not here to reminisce about glory days like a drunk high school quarterback who lives next door to his parents and still manages the frozen food section at the same Food & Stuff he bagged groceries at his senior year. 

I’m here to say this is my last post on Fistful of Talent.  

14 Human Years Is Like 98 Blog Years

I’ve pretty much exhausted all my snarky ways to say HR is better than their press releases and don’t deserve the knocks they usually get. I can’t just phone in another post on why recognition is good (it is) or how to leverage decision biases to drive culture and behavior in your organization. Sometimes the best post is the one you don’t post. I don’t want to get to the point where I just grab some tired meme with a catchy headline just because my slot on the blog is up next week.  

Saying the same thing over and over, using different words is how one becomes irrelevant.  

There is enough irrelevance currently masquerading as thought leadership in the blogosphere and consulting class which HR has to contend with. I don’t want to add to that pile. 

I’d rather be forgotten than remembered as past my prime.  

Though, with so few comments now, I may have jumped the shark years ago but simply realized it yet. I don’t want to end up like a bald, wrinkled Fonzie, still showing up at Arnold’s, even though no one recognizes him.  

So rather than BE retired, I’ll simply fade away. No worries – I’m not going to simply rust. I am still writing at HRExaminer and I’ll be writing on my own blog http://wphebert.com – feel free to subscribe and stop by.  

And I may drop into Arnold’s for a shake now and then, but for now… thanks for the memories…