VIDEO – 21 Future HR Jobs and What HR Pros Can Do to Prepare

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In this video, FOT leaders Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett talk about future jobs in the world of HR, recruiting and talent (from HBR), then discuss how HR Pros should get ready for the trends by upskilling through continuing education and development.

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Also, episode 33 of The HR Famous Podcast is on the same topic! Join long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee  discuss Harvard Business Review’s 21 HR jobs of the Future and their personal strategies for working from home with children who are doing online school.

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1:15 – Starting off the episode with a big question: in 10 years, what is your dream HR job? JLee wants to be the #2 in line to a great #1 HR employee at a certain organization. Tim says he wants to be Chief Performance Officer for the US government (sounds pretty tough…).

3:20 – Harvard Business Review published an article about the 21 HR jobs of the future and KD wrote a blog post on his blog about it. Some of these jobs include chatbot and human facilitator, algorithm bias auditor, and work from home facilitator. Do you think any of these jobs will really come to fruition? JLee thinks that these jobs really just live in skills and trends rather than full jobs. 

5:30 – KD comments on how a lot of job titles have changed over the years to better reflect or change the perception of what kind of function a job has. 

7:30 – KD is interested in the idea of a second act coach and a gig economy manager. What new jobs brought up by this article do you like?