Women Are Picky! Recruitment Marketing 101!

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“OMG! Tim is so sexist!”

Actually, I just give you the facts and data, you decide if it’s sexiest or not! I tend to think, with almost three decades of marriage under my belt that women, in my experience, tend to be way more selective than men. The women I know would say that’s a positive, not a negative!

Also, social media data proves out this point! In a recent study, it was found that women actually see fewer STEM ads than men, and it’s more expensive to get views from women than men! Recruitment Marketing Pro Tip – you will pay more to recruit talented women than similarly skilled men!

Here’s the actual data from Scientific American:

…Tucker ran $181 worth of advertising via Google, for example, saying she was willing to pay as much as 50 cents per click. It ended up costing 19 cents to show the ad to a man versus 20 cents to show that same ad to a woman. These investments resulted in 38,000 “impressions”—industry-speak for ad views—among men, but only about 29,000 impressions among women.

Similarly, on Twitter, it cost $31 to get about 52,000 impressions for men but roughly $46 to get 66,000 impressions for women. And on Instagram, it cost $1.74 to get a woman’s eyeballs on the ad but only 95 cents to get a man’s…

Men saw these Ads 20% more than women!

Is this a Gender Issue or a Value of Time Issue?

It’s too easy, probably too naive, to make this a gender issue. It’s a much deeper concept than just one thing. In reality, what the study really shows us is how genders value time differently. Women value their time more than men, on average, and as such, it costs us more to get their attention!

We all know from our personal life that the noise around us has gotten pretty overwhelming. All people, regardless of gender, are beginning to get much better at associating a value for their time. “You want my attention? Well, I value that amount of time at “X”!”

As Recruitment Marketing Pros, we have to understand this concept of value and time. If I want a certain type of candidate to look at my job posting or pay attention to a piece of employment branding content, there is a price for that attention. The way that price is paid is through what content is shown to someone based on how much you are willing to pay to get your content to the front of the line, over everyone else’s content!

Recruitment Marketing Segmentation Increases the Price!

This study only looked at a fairly straightforward issue. Two genders, male and female. What does it cost me to grab the attention of each? Now, what if I was actually looking for a black female, veteran (3 segments)? You can assume that attention is even more expensive! The more specific you want to get in your recruiting, the more expensive it gets. And while I do not have this data, I will tell you from experience, this is not a linear increase, but an exponential increase in price!

Right now there isn’t an organization in the world that isn’t concerned with DEI recruiting. Understand, DEI recruiting is very expensive because of the concept outlined above! When you want to recruit just anyone – a human that is breathing – that is the least expensive. As you add in criteria, college-educated, certain market, certain pay range, certain experience, a certain ethnicity, certain sex, etc, the cost of recruiting rises with each element.

So, yes, we now have data that says women are pickier than men. Surprise, surprise! But, my wife will tell you, we already knew that the whole time…