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Drop Your Counteroffers and Bet on Boomerang Employees Instead

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Nothing quite like a marriage metaphor, right? You’ve heard these stories (or perhaps you’ve lived this story) – after years of asking, pleading, and begging (to a man’s ears = “nagging”) her husband to change his ways to no avail, a woman flips the switch and phhhhhht. She’s gone. Said husband, now realizing that she may in fact be serious …

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3 Things Great Recruiters (and Waiters) Never Say

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Waiting tables got me through college, being a recruiter got me through my early years in Human Resources. I was much better at one than the other, which is why I’m not greeting you at your local Chili’s, but a few years serving Monte Cristos served me well preparing for my post-college career. I learned a ton of skills that …


You Know You’re a Manager When….

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Leadership

I can count many blessings. Among those is the fact that not only do I have a great boss, I have two fantastic managers reporting to me. When you have strong people supporting your efforts, you can sometimes take for granted the fact that development continues for all of us – even those who are already at a pretty advanced …

My Resolution – No More Messengers in Recruiting

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Negotiation

It’s time for Talent Acquisition to own the “expert” role in the offer negotiation process. Before anyone snap-answers “we already do!” consider whether you are the messenger or if you are actually the negotiator. We all like to boast of “our” hires when a candidate is landed, and we take great pride in managing the relationship from resume to employee. …

Weird Science in Talent Management

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Science, Talent Management

It’s been a long time since I reached down into my bag of Physics metaphors, but like a bad penny or that weird dream about donuts and a water slide, a recurring set of principles continues to populate my mind. This time, the thanks goes to 6th grade Science homework – don’t make fun, it was actually quite difficult. For me, …

“Elect” to Make Change For The Better

John Whitaker Change Management, John Whitaker

Hey there FOT’ers, Whitaker here, being decidedly un-hip. You know what IS “hip” right now? The emotionally wrought, hyperbolic, “end of the world” post. President-Elect Donald Trump had a remarkable night, people are connecting the dots to Nostradamus, quoting Revelations, and Alec Baldwin is house-shopping in France (again.) Such drama, such hypocrisy, and such non-productive behavior. Exactly as it would have been …

Are You Tracking Recruiters? Or Spying?

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Performance, Recruiting

Trackers. The bane of every recruiter. Call trackers, “activity” trackers, shared trackers, weekly trackers, monthly trackers, “tick” sheets….no matter the name or the purpose, most recruiters I’ve managed consider these administrative tasks a waste of time at best, or micromanaging at the very least. I don’t blame them, really, nobody likes to tediously document what he or she does throughout …

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Meet The New Boss….

John Whitaker Career Paths, John Whitaker

Being the “new guy” is always an exciting position – something about that clean slate is invigorating, and you have the added benefit of saying “I’m new” for that 3 or 4 week honeymoon period when everybody loves you [shelf life of that phase varies]. It’s obviously a little different when you come into a leadership role; the “excitement” also comes with a …

Welcome? 3 (More) Challenges For the FNG

John Whitaker employee experience, John Whitaker, Onboarding, Organizational Development, Personal Brand, Social Media and Talent

Back in June, I wrote a post describing some of the initial pain points of re-entering the corporate world after years in a role as a consultant. Much of the challenge is acclimating to the new physical environment – dress codes, standard work hours, staff meetings and the like. All of the brick & mortar adaptations that initially shock our …

How To Build Your Internal Recruiting Practice

John Whitaker Always Be Closing, John Whitaker, Metrics, Recruiting

External recruiters are a crutch. I need to be careful with this one, lest I misrepresent my point, but hear me out. What is “recruiting?” Visit different companies and you’ll find the definition (and philosophy) differs quite a bit. Having been a rather frequent jumper the last 6 years, I’ve experienced many of these differences first-hand, and depending upon where …