HR 2020: Who Are We?

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About a decade ago, some dudes crafted groundbreaking HR research. Bret Starr, John Sumser and George LaRocque wanted to know how HR people think and feel. Who is HR? What do they want? What will they buy? With those questions in mind, they commissioned an esteemed report called, “The 2011 HRxAnalysts Psychographic Survey of HR Professionals.” When the data came back, they crunched the …

Great Job Descriptions Matter

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I black out with rage whenever someone tells me they want TA or recruiting to report to marketing. While recruiting has both a marketing and sales component, the backbone of hiring is the job description—a compensation, compliance, and technical tool meant to define the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the role. Job descriptions are the infrastructure of a …

Becoming a Consultant: Where Do I Start?

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Not a day goes by without someone asking me how they can quit their job and become a consultant, coach, speaker, or entrepreneur. “I’m thinking about going out on my own, Laurie. How do I get started?” – HR and Recruiting Peeps Do you dream about quitting your job and going out on your own? It’s not unusual. Some people …

You Can’t Change the World on the Internet

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Let’s say you are passionate about something and want to change the world.  Q: How do you fix significant problems by using the internet?A: You don’t. Stop yourself before you start.  – Laurie Ruettimann The internet is but one tool to affect social change, and it’s an imperfect one at best. You need an omnichannel approach that includes academic research, …

Laurie Ruettimann Discusses Autonomy and Power in HR

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Employee engagement numbers are low all over the world, and sometimes I think HR professionals forget that they’re employees, too. Work sucks for them as much as it sucks for other people. And many HR resources professionals are unhappy with their jobs because they have a lot of autonomy but no power. Let me explain. When you work in HR, …


Your HR Career Toolkit

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I’ve never met an HR pro who isn’t looking for a toolkit to facilitate personal or professional change. Whether it’s a seven-part coaching curriculum or a facilitated day of discussion, people want resources and rubrics to take their careers to the next level. That’s fine for some people. There are fabulous instruments and curricula to help you achieve your career …

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Quality of Hire Matters When No One Gets Fired

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No environment exists in America where people are fired dispassionately, quickly and easily. It just doesn’t happen, folks. Yes, there are boiler rooms and call centers where people smile and dial for dollars. Some sales quotas and metrics need to be attained in backroom offices and on showroom floors or somebody goes home unhappy. But most people quit before they …

Keep Recruiting and HR Together

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Here is my semi-annual appeal to HR and recruiting leaders who don’t get along and want to go their separate ways: Keep recruiting and HR together under one umbrella called “human resources.” If you’re one of those recruiting professionals who feel like HR just doesn’t understand what you do, I will challenge you with one question: Does it matter? The …


3 Attributes of Decent Recruiters

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There are three qualities of a decent recruiter. By recruiter, I mean anybody who is involved in sourcing, staffing, managing requisition workflows, coordinating offers, coaching hiring managers, and, ultimately, getting people into new jobs. The qualities of a decent recruiter are in this specific order. Trustworthiness. Are your actions and behaviors transparent? Do people know who you are, what you …