“Do You Want To Be Here?” and Other Loaded Questions Heard From Managers of People

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There’s a list of questions somewhere. When your manager fires one of these questions at you, it’s a signal of the following: —You’re not as special to the organization as you thought you were. —Your focus on “relationships” might be giving way to the lack of results you’ve provided over the last year. —Your baggage has grown to the point …

Is Your Talent Strategy Krzyzewski or Calipari-Flavored?

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You think this is going to be a sports post. Trust me, it’s more about you than it is about sports. Simple question – Is Your Talent Strategy more Mike Krzyzewski (college basketball coach at Duke) or John Calipari (college basketball coach at Kentucky)? Read enough sports news and a familiar theme emerges.  Coach (Krzyzewski) does it the right way …

You Haven’t Thought about Annual Reviews for 10 Months. Here’s Your Survival Cheat Sheet

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Let’s face it, you’re a little bit behind as a manager of people this year. You had the thing in your family, you had to fire Jan for sexting Joan and then you were on the Kramerica Latex acquisition team that cost you a solid month in August. To add insult to injury, the deal didn’t even go through. In …