Have You Hired Chris Stapleton or Florida Georgia Line?

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I live in Austin, home to many awesome live entertainment venues. In the past month I’ve been able to see many musicians and some wanna-be musicians for the first time. Going to see an artist for the first time is like the first few weeks with a new hire. You’re excited and probably nervous at the same time. What if …

Before You Were Hired, There Was a Labelscar.

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Do you ever drive by a mall or old business and see a labelscar? You probably didn’t realize there was an actual term for what you saw. A labelscar is when a sign is taken off from a building, and the dust and fade marks still show in the shape of the old sign. Drive around many cities, and you …

The 996 Recruiting Schedule!

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If you didn’t see it, Jack Ma, the co-founder, and billionaire behind Alibaba, was out promoting his own work schedule that’s been dubbed “996”! Basically, Jack works 9 am to 9 pm, six days per week, and sees absolutely nothing wrong with it.  The internet lost its mind. And by ‘internet’ I mean mostly soft, not so hard working folks …

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Hire the Overqualified to Maximize Talent ROI

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Virtually all companies want to hire the very best talent available.  Most have some version of this statement proudly displayed on their careers page. But we all know that there are constraints in terms of the price you can afford to pay for that talent. That’s the crux of achieving your company’s talent strategy, maximizing the talent you bring into …

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Watch Your Body Language in an Interview & Save the Head Bobbing for Bonnaroo.

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I’ve noticed a recent, frightening phenomenon. And I think I may be a perpetrator (heaven help me). In an attempt to stage a preemptive intervention, I thought there could be no better time than the present to address this odd and interesting tick–one that HR professionals, interviewers, and interviewees abuse unabashedly. The head nod. Or as some others call it, …

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They Did Not Suck: 5 Rules For Saying Why You Got Fired or Left Your Last Job

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Gather round the monitor kids, because I’m about to break off some knowledge that a lot of you don’t fully understand. Let’s start with a general rule: If you’re interviewing for a job you really want and you’re not currently employed, the elephant in the room is why you aren’t still employed with that company.  Now let’s enhance that a …

Crappy Job Postings Don’t Click with Candidates.

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How you tell a story matters. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. It’s within the intricacies of navigating the details and following the hints that we find a connection. The cliffhangers. The next page. Stories are where we start to imagine instead of merely reading. They push us to connect, create, and conspire instead of just digesting a simple plot line. …

Is it Time to Fail, OR is it Time to Fill?

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More often than not, work takes longer than we think… In recruiting, “time to fill” is the number of days between when a job posting is approved, and the day the offer is accepted by the candidate. I’ve seen average time to fill rates range anywhere from 41 days to 62 days. Sometimes waaay longer. The problem with focusing too …

I’m Getting Too Old For This $***

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My pre-interview checklist. Hugo Boss suit. Check (although it fits a lot tighter than I remember it fitting a decade ago). Conservative tie. Check. Polished shoes. Check. Ironed and starched shirt. Check. Fresh shave, cleared hair out of nose and ears. Check. And perhaps most importantly, investing several hours getting to know as much as I can about the slate …

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How to Beat Weak Hiring Managers When You Interview

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If you’re like me, you’ve routinely got friends, family, and colleagues asking you for career advice.  When it comes to the topic of interviewing, I’m on record as saying that you should let the person interviewing you for a job talk as much as they want. The more you let the interviewer talk – even encourage her to talk (that’s the …