Turning Severance Into Sabbatical, or at least a Productive Gap in Employment

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In today’s dynamic world of work if you haven’t been laid off or made redundant at least once, it’s likely that you haven’t been in the workforce very long, you own your own business, or you just haven’t done enough progressive and envelope-pushing work to have been put on ‘the list’. So the experience of having an unexpected gap in employment …

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VIDEO: SmashUps with Kris Dunn – Digging in on ESPN Layoffs

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This month on SmashUps, Tim talks to Kris Dunn—you probably know Kris from this very blog (as he is the founding father of FOT), his personal blog The HR Capitalist, or from his day job as CHRO at Kinetix. As you may have heard, ESPN recently went through a massive round of layoffs and these two sports junkies are on …