Should You Provide Paid Time-Off for Your Employees to Vote? (The HR Famous Podcast)

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It’s an interesting question – should you provide paid time off for your employees to vote? I’ll be honest – I’ve been around mostly exempt workforces in my career and consider flexibility to vote a given. I’ve never been in an office where I didn’t think I could do what I need to do during the day to cast a …

The HR Famous Podcast: e10 – Unlimited PTO vs Accruals – Which is Better?

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In Episode 10 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee, Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn get together to discuss how COVID-19 has changed their daily life, the Cuomo brothers and work-life balance. Tim wants to talk about PTO: accrual vs. unlimited. What’s better? There are different answers with many variables… The gang continues to talk about how PTO …

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Is Unlimited PTO Just a Scam Not to Pay Out Accrued Vacation and Sick Time?

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Yeah, I said it. In my darkest moments, I’m a bit of a skeptic.  And I think unlimited PTO might just be a scam to not pay out accrued vacation and sick time. With me?  Against me?  As with most things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.  Here’s 5 things I know about vacation/sick time and the connection …

5 Things To Do At The Office On Black Friday

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A few years back I wrote a post over at The Project called the 5 Things To Do at Work the Day after Thanksgiving.  It’s solid, a bit boring for my taste. Probably when I wrote it, like writing this post, I believed it wouldn’t be read by anyone, so let’s not put too much time into it! But, it’s …


True Sign of a Great Leader > How Well They Protect PTO

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To me, there is one way to know if a leader is worth their salt.  It is something I don’t recall seeing in leadership books, white papers, or in training sessions.  To me the simplest way to see if a leader is doing their job is to ask team members one question: “Did you use all your PTO last year?” …

Why Is PTO Still A Damn Nightmare?

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Vincent Price would LOVE our sick and vacation policies… If the C-Suite is still pushing back on keeping archaic vacation and sick programs, you need to quit that organization. Pronto.  Seriously, great HR pros, you need to contemplate quitting organizations that won’t change.  Let’s create a supply-and-demand revolution. I have the privilege of attending a great HR executive networking group.  …