True Sign of a Great Leader > How Well They Protect PTO

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To me, there is one way to know if a leader is worth their salt.  It is something I don’t recall seeing in leadership books, white papers, or in training sessions.  To me the simplest way to see if a leader is doing their job is to ask team members one question: “Did you use all your PTO last year?” …

Why Leaders Can Take Vacations, Even Us Americans

Kathy Rapp Culture, Kathy Rapp, Leadership, Performance, Retention, Travel, Vacation, Work Life Balance

It’s August. Europe is on holiday. I’m just back from a week+ vacation myself. While away, I came across this article explaining why Europeans are better at taking vacations than Americans.  This should not be news to anyone. In fact, I’d say most everyone is better at taking time off than those of us in the states. The article talks …

Summer Reading for The Sourcer

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Okay, I’ll be honest. During beach week I do not haul the iPad to the beach to read. I go old school and hit up the bookstore for a super thick paperback that has the potential to lull me into a nap. But I do start everyday with some online work related reading, just can’t help myself.  I’ve been working …