Welcome to Zoom Fatigue, America! (from the Czar of Common Sense)

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DATELINE: Day 43 of the great COVID Lockdown in America.MOOD: Salty.REASON: 5 Video calls on my calendar for the day. But Kris (you say), it’s a chance to connect with everyone at the company. It’s awesome! True. We’ve been connecting a lot for sure. But Kris, given the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) during this time, it’s imperative to stay …

Job Descriptions Are the New Landing Page.

Guest: Rachel Bitte Candidate Pool, Influence, Innovation, job postings, Mobile, Mobile Recruiting, Rachel Bitte, Recruitment Marketing, Retention, Social Media and Talent, Social Networking, Talent Acquisition, Video

From the technology we use, to how we approach candidate engagement, so much around the recruiting and hiring process has evolved and improved over the years. But one thing sure hasn’t changed and–in today’s “candidate-driven” labor market–continues to stick out like a sore thumb. I’m talking about job descriptions. Most job ads are still dry, boring, and lack any semblance …

The Movie “Clerks” Proves The Innovators Are The Ones With Great Careers

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We’ve said it in this space before. Follow along from home or the office: –Great performers/talent see the world differently than others… –Exceeds performance should be reserved for the game changers… –Innovators do unexpected things others think are crazy… I know, you’ve heard it before. If you’re a top performer, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living – …

VIDEO: No Scrubs with John Hudson – A New Look At Old Recruiting Processes

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Jobvite, Recruiting, Video

This month on No Scrubs, host Dawn Burke welcome John Hudson to the show! John is an HR Business Partner with Slalom, providing internal HR support for midwest markets. Through the lens of online retailer Brandless, Dawn and John discuss what’s stale in the recruiting process and what can be improved by tapping into some of the same tactics that …

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VIDEO: SmashUps with Mary Faulkner – The HR Fallout of Charlottesville

Tim Sackett Current Affairs, HR, Smashfly, Tim Sackett, Video

This month on SmashUps, Tim Sackett sits down with Mary Faulkner, Director of Talent Acquisition at Denver Water. In light of the recent events in Charlottesville and the subsequent HR fallouts, Tim and Mary break down the decisions HR leaders have to make when one of their employees is identified at a controversial rally. Click on the video below to …

VIDEO: No Scrubs with Jason Seiden – Culture Is Not a Cult…So What Is It?

Dawn Burke Culture, Dawn Burke, Jobvite, Video

Host Dawn Burke welcomes guest Jason Seiden to No Scrubs this month! Jason is found of Brand Amper, which was acquired by The Muse earlier in 2017. These two believers of workplace culture dig in on the history of workplace culture, why it’s become such a hot topic in the past few years, who should own its development, and much …

smashfly smashups

VIDEO: SmashUps with Aman Brar – Canvas’ Impact on Recruiting

Tim Sackett Interviewing, Recruiting, Smashfly, Tim Sackett, Video

This month on SmashUps, Tim talks with Aman Brar, the CEO of Canvas, a text-based interviewing platform. Tim digs in on how this platform could change the art of recruiting, and Aman gives a deep dive on how the platform works and why you should be using text messaging to interview your candidates. Click on the video below to get …

VIDEO: No Scrubs with John Nykolaiszyn – How to Help Your Employees Beat Burnout

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Employee Engagement, Jobvite, Video

Host Dawn Burke and her guest John Nykolaiszyn, from the College of Business Career Management Services Office at Florida International University, talk first about what sort of career preparation college students are getting prior to graduation, and then go in deep on the topic of burnout. These days, most tasks workers are faced with, they can’t say no to—so how …

smashfly smashups

VIDEO: SmashUps with Jackye Clayton – Drinking the Kool-Aid at Digital Disrupt

Tim Sackett HR Tech, Smashfly, Tim Sackett, Video

This month on SmashUps, Tim talks in person at HireVue’s Digital Disrupt with Jackye Clayton, the Editor of Recruiting Daily. Jackye and Tim break down all the cool tech they’ve seen at Digital Disrupt, and what it all means for the future of recruiting and HR. Click on the video below to get all the details! (Subscribers, please click through …