Meet FOT’s Ed Baldwin

Ed Baldwin

Ed is a career HR front man who’s advised business owners and the C-suite on developing great cultures and inspiring work environments since the profession was called “personnel.”

Yeah, that makes him seasoned but also quick to call out the fluffy HR theoretical crap from HR strategies that actually work. His versatility has taken him all over the world continually acquiring knowledge of how to build a great company through innovative HR practices, learning mostly from real world experience and his own mistakes.

He’s the founder of HRO Partners, a HR consulting firm that specializes in guiding leaders on what they need and don’t need in people-practices for their business.

Extras: No nonsense, straight shooter who was blessed with a Mayberry-like upbringing which he strives to recreate for his kids. Proud native Iowan, Hawkeye fan and alum. Loves sports and the great outdoors which is why he now lives and works in Denver with his wife and family.