Meet FOT’s John Whitaker

John Whitaker

Howdy folks, grab a stool and park it for a bit. “Whit” is the grandson of an actual working cowboy, but wouldn’t know a horseshoe from a snowshoe. Despite some greenhorn tendencies, he does bring a Texan’s perspective to Talent Acquisition. Work hard, no whining, and keep your powder dry when everyone around you is losing their sh-t.

John has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years – pharma, device, biopharma, hospital, dental, and now anesthesiology – perhaps he should settle down somewhere? As EVP and Chief People Officer at National Partners in Healthcare, he’s helping to create the culture of a company that will improve the lives of anyone needing a surgical procedure.

So if you find yourself craving a down-home colloquialism, tune in for Whit’s monthly installment on FOT, connect on LinkedIn, or follow him @HR_Hardball.