Meet FOT’s R.J. Morris

R.J. Morris

I know, I know, you walk around saying “culture eats strategy”…”we’re game changers”…”we are resetting paradigms”yada, yada. I’m the contrarian in the corner of the room saying none of it matters unless you develop talent that makes your company competitively different. That’s my professional life for 20 years—advising leaders to make great talent decisions to drive business results.

In my current gig, I lead talent acquisition and management for a multi-billion-dollar, 100% employee-owned construction company. No one hires our firm because we have bitchin’ cranes—although we do—clients hire us because we attract, hire, develop and retain the best people in our industry.

I geek out on analytics, succession planning, etc. and love it when we position folks to do their best work. That’s fun stuff. I tease bad HR people because I think we can all do better, myself included. That’s fun, too.