Meet FOT’s Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan

For longer than she would like to admit, Sarah Brennan has been a recognized HCM industry analyst and advisor focused on improving the impact of technology on people, business and the future of work. She has been named a top global influencer by more than 50 publications and shared her random insights on people and technology at speaking engagements around the world. After a few years as a corporate talent leader, and a few more in the C-suite of software companies, Sarah founded Accelir where she partners with B2B and HR technology vendors and investors as an advisor, strategist and in engagements focused on growth, product roadmap & market education/evangelism so you (hopefully) don’t have to hate your software one day.

She also works with a executives and corporate HR teams enhancing talent attraction & retention strategies. But all of this work is really just a front to fund her early retirement on a lake somewhere, save for her kids college and pay for the way to frequent family trips to Disney, Europe, Colorado and anywhere else with great food.