Employment Branding:1, Falcons:0

Holland Dombeck McCue Employment Branding and Culture, Holland Dombeck

If you’re a Patriots or Tom Brady fan, you’re on cloud nine after that history-making comeback. For others, it was election night all over again. For an ATLien, it was heartbreaking to watch our guys give it their all and then squander a 25-point lead. But the Super Bowl is bigger than a football game, and the mic drop typically …

HR Tech on TV

Steve Boese Communication, HR Tech, HR Technology, Steve Boese, Television

With the proliferation over the last 15 years or so of TV networks followed more recently by satellite radio channels and online streaming services for both video and audio content (like Hulu or Spotify), there has been a commensurate increase in the amount and availability of advertisements. After all, just about all forms of “free” content we consume are ad-supported. With …