From Gen X to Gen Z….7 Pieces of Advice on your Graduation

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Graduation is weighing heavily on my mind this week. Like many of you, we are celebrating as my oldest graduates from college on Saturday. It’s one of those moments where you reflect back….for me to her high school graduation. Thinking of who joined us to celebrate, how I bargained for tickets to the ceremony, and all the hopes and dreams …

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That College Degree is Almost Meaningless When It Comes to Job Readiness

Tim Sackett College Recruiting, Tim Sackett, Udacity

In 2014, Gallup did a survey basically asking business leaders and Chief Academic Officers of higher education institution one question: “Do you believe academic programs are preparing graduates for jobs?”  Here are the results: We could probably guess the outcome, right!? Now, the higher education folks, understandably, get a little worked up over stuff like this. Many in higher ed …