New Law Coming to a State Near You

John Whitaker Compensation/Cash Money, John Whitaker

“So, [candidate-person], how much do you currently make?”  How is it that something so obviously inappropriate to ask in any social or professional setting is one of the boilerplate questions asked of every job candidate? “What do you currently make?” Excuse me, but what in the hell does that have to do with the price of grits in Charleston?* I …

To Ask or Not To Ask For The Salary History?

Elizabeth Dickerson Compensation/Cash Money, Elizabeth Dickerson

“What do you currently make?” – a question we’ve all heard at least once in our lifetime. “Why does it matter?” – a response we’ve all thought more than once in our lifetime. Salary talk is cringe-worthy—there’s no doubt about that. It’s awkward on both the recruiter’s and the candidate’s end. Unfortunately, a salary discussion has to be had to …

dead google

The Day The Google Died

Kris Dunn Audacious Ideas, Compensation/Cash Money, Culture, Good HR, Kris Dunn, Recruiting

OK, died might be strong.  But contracted a fatal disease that will one day make it perish?  Accurate… If there’s one thing we know through the annuals of time and the history of the enterprise organization globally, it’s that nothing is forever.  To be sure, there are times when it feels like the position of many of the companies we …

compensation talks

How To Talk About Compensation During the Interview Process

Patrick Ward Compensation/Cash Money, Patrick Ward

“Mo Money, Mo Problems.” “Take the Money and Run.” “Money for Nothing.” We sing a lot about money in our lives. But what happens when we get down to business and attempt to discuss it in a job search or interview process? Recently, this topic was in the news as a candidate was disqualified from the interview process for asking …

eddie lacy bonus

Would You Pay a Bonus to an Employee to Keep them Skinny?

Tim Sackett Compensation/Cash Money, Performance, Tim Sackett

The world of professional sports gives us this great microcosm of compensation philosophy. Within professional athlete contracts, we find all kinds of crazy stuff. Depending on the sport, they sign-off on all kinds of special requests from their employer, usually with a monetary bonus attached. Take this recent one from the NFL and running back Eddie Lacy. Lacy is known for …


The Corporate Recruitment Incentive Program

Tim Sackett Compensation/Cash Money, Tim Sackett, Udacity

There’s a barrier that is keeping corporate talent acquisition from reaching its highest levels of productivity. That barrier is incentive compensation, and the reason it’s a barrier is because no organization has figured out how to solve it. The main reason for this is there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The main problem is that most corporate TA leaders who attempt …

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

Kelly Dingee Compensation/Cash Money, Kelly Dingee, Negotiation, Recruiting

Channelling the Spice Girls this fine morning.  I’ve been on the phone a lot lately.  And for some reason, I’m really enjoying it, I thought for years I was so much more content to be behind the screen…finding candidates….emailing….serving them up to recruiting teams on a silver platter.  I’ve gotten a second lease on this recruiting life bouncing back to …

Illegal to Ask about a Candidate’s Compensation?

RJ Morris Compensation/Cash Money, Current Affairs, Employment Law, Negotiation, Outmatch, RJ Morris

Talent acquisition professionals get paid to talk turkey with candidates. I am talking about cold, hard cash money. What do you need, what do you feel your skillset is worth, what do you want, what will it take, and where are you at now? Every recruiter I have known is comfortable handling these conversations in a professional manner. ….until now. …

Fear and Loathing for Talent Pros from the Fed’s Beige Book

Steve Boese Compensation/Cash Money, Current Affairs, HR, Job Market, Recruiting, Steve Boese, War for Talent

Because I often have nothing more interesting to do in my spare time, I like to peruse the Federal Reserve Board’s Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions, known more informally as The Beige Book. The Beige Book is issued eight times per year, and consists of a collection of “anecdotal information on current economic conditions” by each Federal Reserve …

5 HR and Talent Management Lessons from NBA Free Agency 2016

Steve Boese Career Paths, Compensation/Cash Money, HR & Sports, Steve Boese, Talent Strategy

Because you never, ever get tired of the ‘sports and HR/talent’ connection, strap in while I offer up the HR and talent management in the real world spin on five of the latest NBA free agent transactions of what has been a crazy week for the league,  and its teams, players and fans. Here goes… Let’s start with the biggest …