Are Thirty First-Round Interviews for a Single Position Reasonable?

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I’m Gen X. I’ve seen some things. Live long enough in the recruiting game, and you’ll have stories to tell. AWOL Candidates. Hiring Managers under the influence. Ghosting at a level that would make The Blair Witch Project seem like a cartoon. Do this job long enough, and you’ll become jaded, hardened, free of emotion about the process. Expecting the …

3 Ingredients Needed for New Manager Success

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Recruiting

Howdy folks, welcome to Texas, home of the folksy colloquialism. In today’s edition, we learn how to make chicken salad! No, no, not the delectable combination of poultry and love scooped on your plate at Corner Bakery. I’m talking about doing the impossible – making chicken salad out of chicken-feathers (this is the SFW version.) This comes to mind whenever college …


Confidence Gets You a Leadership Gig, but Humility Lets You Keep It

RJ Morris Coaching, Culture, Leadership, RJ Morris

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on leadership evaluation and selection.  Specifically, we spent a bunch of time talking about how to make better talent decisions. In addition to looking at times we got it right, we also analyzed a lot of failures—what made Tom unable to perform at the level expected, and why did Sally self-destruct? …