Onboarding…Who Cares?

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Really, who cares? I suppose many do not. I know many companies do not onboard effectively and seem to keep their doors open. I know many companies that say they onboard, but do an abysmal job at it. They too seem to be still schlepping soap products or selling mattresses or building software regularly.  However, if you have a workforce …

Punish an Employee For a CEO’s Bad Behavior? Yes.

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Or no? I waited for Uber for so long.  Despite being the largest city in Alabama, it took a while to get to Birmingham. However, as a frequent traveler, I’d gotten used to the convenience of Uber in a big, big way.  So, when Uber finally arrived in Birmingham early 2016 I did a triple-lindy. Then 2017 happened. Despite what …

Are You a Mentor or Mommie Dearest?

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Hey manager Mommie Dearest–could your mentoring do more harm than good? I am a fan of mentorships. I like to mentor people. And, if I am trying to develop my employees, I always recommend they pick a mentor besides me, since in theory, I mentor them every day. Mentoring can be an easy way to develop a variety of skills …

Key Component To Talent Strategy: A Proper Goodbye

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The HR space talks about talent acquisition a lot. How to attract candidates, how to source candidates, how to make the candidate experience exceptional. Just venturing a guess, but perhaps 70%, maybe 80%, of HR technology focuses on these very things. As an HR practitioner, I believe there is something that corporate leaders, managers, HR pros, and recruiters neglect: A …

bobblehead body language

Watch Your Body Language in an Interview & Save the Head Bobbing for Bonnaroo.

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I’ve noticed a recent, frightening phenomenon. And I think I may be a perpetrator (heaven help me). In an attempt to stage a preemptive intervention, I thought there could be no better time than the present to address this odd and interesting tick–one that HR professionals, interviewers, and interviewees abuse unabashedly. The head nod. Or as some others call it, …

5 Signs It’s Time For Your HR Vacation

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OK gang—you have just a handful of days left to take off for your “holiday” vacation. If I know you, the overachiever you are, I bet you didn’t take enough vacation time throughout 2018 and you are now faced with “use-or-lose” time. To make sure you actually take time off in 2019, here are some telltale signs it is time …

changing mind

The Unbelievable Freedom In Changing Your Mind

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“I traded fame for love without a second thought It all became a silly a game some things cannot be bought; I got exactly what I asked for, wanted it so badly Running, rushing back for more, I suffered fools so gladly; And now I find … I’ve changed my mind” -Madonna   I was watching a video that shared a top-10-type …

Candidates Who Over-Talk May Need To Work Elsewhere

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“You talk too much. You never shut up.” – Run DMC To shut a candidate up or not to shut a candidate up? That is the question. A question, as an interviewer, I’ve contemplated for many years. A question I admittedly flip-flop on. But here is where I am with this now. Candidates, you need to control your explanations. You …


True Sign of a Great Leader > How Well They Protect PTO

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To me, there is one way to know if a leader is worth their salt.  It is something I don’t recall seeing in leadership books, white papers, or in training sessions.  To me the simplest way to see if a leader is doing their job is to ask team members one question: “Did you use all your PTO last year?” …