Swimming Upstream: Should Employees Purposely Fail To Build Character?

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This weekend I practiced my weekly Sunday morning, 40-something, ritual.  I got up and watched CBS Sunday Morning. I mean that is what 40-somethings do, right (#justme?). There was a really incredible feel-good story embedded in a news cycle of crazy that made me sit up.  Not much gets my slouchy, Sunday self to sit up – this did. It …

Ask The Capitalist: How Do I Deal With Personal Reputation Sabotage on Glassdoor?

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Editor’s Note: Our Founder, Kris Dunn, has been doing his own thing at The HR Capitalist since 2007.  The “Ask The Capitalist” feature has been a staple of that blog, but we’re bringing it to FOT with a reputation sabotage question forwarded by one of KD’s readers. A reader asks… “I know it’s a big ask, but you are the …

Don’t Confuse Operation Leaders & Business Leaders 

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The hardest decision Chief Executives and their talent pros make involves figuring out who to put in the big chairs in their companies.  A big chair means running a unit or a division – your titles might be different, but I mean someone who is the Top Dog in a significant part of your operation.  Someone who can lead a …

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Here’s To the Crazy Ones: And Why You Don’t Deserve Them

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Been doing a lot of performance work for some client companies lately.  As you might expect, I’m trying to push the companies to get out of the mindset that the performance review transaction is the reason for the process. Repeat after me:  The reason you do any type of coaching or performance management is to migrate employees.   If you’re …

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They Did Not Suck: 5 Rules For Saying Why You Got Fired or Left Your Last Job

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Gather round the monitor kids, because I’m about to break off some knowledge that a lot of you don’t fully understand. Let’s start with a general rule: If you’re interviewing for a job you really want and you’re not currently employed, the elephant in the room is why you aren’t still employed with that company.  Now let’s enhance that a …


When a High Potential Employee Fails

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No matter what company, high potential employees (high pots) get that fancy designation because in their world, they rock. They succeed and turn in solid results. In whatever discipline they work, they kill it. But sometimes a funny thing happens on the high pot’s career path–they fail. Maybe their fault, maybe not, but the project, team or assignment they own went in …

(FOT Webinar!) Free Agent Nation: Using Talent Assessments To Build Your Superteam

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Anyone else amazed by the USA performance at the Rio Olympic Games?  Just us? If you’re responsible for hiring and developing people, then you’d love to build a dominating team of individuals like the USA Olympic Swimming and Women’s Gymnastics teams. But how do you do it?  Executives and hiring managers tell you that the world of talent selection and …

How to Make Your Organization Better at Decisions

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Why is it so easy to criticize the decisions of others but so difficult to make the tough calls ourselves? What is it that makes high-stakes decisions so difficult? I used to think it was because it was hard to decide the right solution. But as I’ve coached executives struggling with such decisions, I’ve noticed that often it’s fairly clear …

What Is It That A Leader DOES?

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The other day, a coaching client asked me a question that I was shocked to realize I didn’t have a ready-made answer to. Asking around and conducting some research revealed that most others don’t either. The question was: What is it that a leader does? I have a bunch of ideas about what leadership isn’t. And it’s easy to find …