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It Always Pays to Help Employees Build on Their Strengths

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If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a hundred times while listening to managers give performance reviews to their employees – “Here are the areas you need to work to improve on.”  It sounds like a really smart thing to do, doesn’t it? After all, don’t we all want to improve on our weaknesses? Well … no. Although it would …

During Financial Woes, Should Companies Nix Extravagant Awards?

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Recognition

“It doesn’t take courage to give money for hitting a number.” –Simon Sinek, WorkHuman 2018   I’m a believer in recognizing extraordinary workers with something palpable.  I especially like the idea of creating “experiences” as recognition rewards over cash bonuses.  Experiences build trust, enforce connections, and create memories. An experience could include anything from an incredible dinner to attending an …