I Love This Place! …Wait, I Got Screwed!?!?

John Whitaker Compensation/Cash Money, John Whitaker

You found a new gig and you’re excited about it. During the interview process, you developed immediate chemistry with the hiring manager/now boss, so much so that you decided to take a bit of a risk. You would have liked to receive a bigger offer, but you’ll make this work. Okay, so maybe it was a little disappointing that it …

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Womansplaining: Why Women Telling Guys How They Should Act Doesn’t Work

Tim Sackett Tim Sackett, Women in the Workplace

As you might imagine I get contacted about all kinds of HR and TA products and services. I recently got connected with a company called ywomen.biz, ran by ‘Gender Strategist’ Jeffrey Tobias Halter. (Tim note: I instantly don’t like people who use Jeffrey, instead of Jeff, and what’s up with “Tobias” in the middle? This isn’t a Divergent movie! But, …


Laurie Ruettimann Diversity, Laurie Ruettimann, Leadership, Pop Culture

We have three generations of “women leaders” in the workforce right now. The first wave is old school. They established businesses and made money while raising kids and managing households. Of the few women I know from this era, most of them are either dead or alcoholics. This is true. I love this generation. These crafty broads endured sexism and stupidity early …