Failure – A Facilitated Activity

Kylie Quetell Change Management, Communication, Employee Development, Learning and Development

I was recently asked to give a presentation to a group of 100 people about success after failure. It was for an all day event, and I was asked to speak for 30 minutes. The objective was to get folks inspired to rise up after their own moments of failure. I realized that speaking about success after failure for 30 …

Employee Relations Moment of Truth: We All Fail

Kelly Dingee Career Advice, Employee Relations, HR, Kelly Dingee

Do you know how I got into HR? I wanted to work with people. Every time I think about that sentence these days, “I want to work with people“, I can’t believe how naive I was.  Does anyone say they don’t want to work with people? I imagine there are some, but really, how often does that happen? Part of …

Swimming Upstream: Should Employees Purposely Fail To Build Character?

Dawn Burke Business Development, Career Advice, Coaching, Culture, Driving Productivity, Employee Coaching, HR, Performance

This weekend I practiced my weekly Sunday morning, 40-something, ritual.  I got up and watched CBS Sunday Morning. I mean that is what 40-somethings do, right (#justme?). There was a really incredible feel-good story embedded in a news cycle of crazy that made me sit up.  Not much gets my slouchy, Sunday self to sit up – this did. It …


When a High Potential Employee Fails

RJ Morris Coaching, Employee Coaching, Leadership, Learning and Development, Organizational Development, RJ Morris

No matter what company, high potential employees (high pots) get that fancy designation because in their world, they rock. They succeed and turn in solid results. In whatever discipline they work, they kill it. But sometimes a funny thing happens on the high pot’s career path–they fail. Maybe their fault, maybe not, but the project, team or assignment they own went in …

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VIDEO: SmashUps with Laurie Ruettimann – Why It’s Time To Talk Failure

Tim Sackett Laurie Ruettimann, Recruitment Marketing, Smashfly, Tim Sackett

Welcome to SmashUps, brought to you by the recruitment marketing pros at Smashfly! Each month, our host, Tim Sackett, will chat with a featured guest on ways you can better attract candidates and actually convert them into job applicants. Novel thoughts, right? This month on SmashUps, Tim talks to Laurie Ruettimann—HR pro, blogger, and tech entrepreneur at GlitchPath—about the ‘F’ word…Failure. The problem is no one …

The Missing Ingredient with Failure: Leader Acceptance

Guest: David Van Rooy Audacious Ideas, Culture, HR, HR (& Life!) Advice, Leadership, Learning and Development

The idea that failure is a good thing has become a vogue topic of late. The hope that you can always “fail forward” or find growth from failure is both appealing and comforting. There are enough articles on this topic that it would be easy to jump to the false conclusion that failure is always good, so long as you …