Kris Dunn asks Should You Hire People Based on Puzzles, Riddles and other Trendy Tricks?

Kris Dunn Worldwide FOT

You’ve seen the questions.  How much wood would a woodchuck code if a woodchuck could sling code? Or some S*## like that. Google and some other trendy companies are famous for having riddles and complicated brainteasers as a part of their hiring process.  The theory goes that the answer is less important than the thought process behind how a candidate …

Steve Boese says It’s Time for Great Thoughts

Steve Boese Worldwide FOT

You’ve likely heard or read about Google’s famous  ‘20% time’, their practice that allows and even encourages Google engineers to spend as much as 20% of their working hours pursuing projects of their own creation and choice. Google’s history and some part of their culture is shaped by this unusual convention, most organizations would be hard pressed to define roles and manage …

Dawn Burke Notices That VPs of HR Avoid the Local SHRM Meeting – Early and Often

Dawn Burke Worldwide FOT

I read an interesting Forbes article on CEO networking.  It asks the question:  Does the boss even really need to network? The answer: Yes–and he needs to do it better than anyone else. Interesting, because there’s always been a problem with our local SHRM chapter.  I imagine others around the country have the same problem.  The C-Suite snub.  I’m talking about the HRC-Suite mind you.  Huh? …

Tim Sackett is in Love With Old Employees

Tim Sackett Worldwide FOT

I’ve recently got to spend some time with my Dad – he’s 70.  I use to think 70 was really old, like let me help feed you that oatmeal old.  My Dad doesn’t seem 70, or look 70, I guess it’s somewhat true – 70 is the new 60.  Here’s what is awesome, though, 70 in work years – is …


Kris Dunn Is Judging Your Use of the Exclamation Point

Kris Dunn Worldwide FOT

You know who you are.  You love to use the exclamation point in emails and writing! Yes!!! You’re a peppy son of a gun.  We’re watching your enthusiasm for life and/or your sense of urgency.  The thing is, you use the exclamation point so much that we’re not sure if if all that enthusiasm and/or urgency is real. it’s strong emotion …

Paul Hebert Bids Adieu to the Suggestion Box

Paul Hebert Worldwide FOT

The suggestion box. Iconic. Moronic. The Suggestion Box is the place ideas go to die.  Like Bin Laden slipping over the side of an aircraft carrier, your well-worded, impassioned and well-argued idea for change in your organization falls into the blackness as the door closes behind it.  Never.To.Be.Seen.Again. Read the whole post over at I-2-I (a FOT Contributor blog) Paul HebertPaul …