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Labor Market Novelty and Candidate Confidence

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I started off my week yesterday reviewing the typical brilliance from fellow FOT contributor, Steve Boese, over at his personal site, Steve Boese’s HR Technology. Steve and I both enjoy making HR data sexy (my phrase, certainly not his, and one that he will likely hate), and there is nothing more sexy than the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, …


I’ve Never Lost a Candidate Because Our Process Was Slow

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The headline might surprise some people. Time kills all deals, right? We have heard about it since we were fresh baby-faced HR professionals. Article after article tells you how ridiculous your slow process is: The Negative impact of a SLOW Hiring process The Top 12 Reasons Why Slow Hiring Severely Damages Recruiting And Business Results ‘Hire Slow, Fire Fast’ – …


“Do You Want To Be Here?” and Other Loaded Questions Heard From Managers of People

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There’s a list of questions somewhere. When your manager fires one of these questions at you, it’s a signal of the following: —You’re not as special to the organization as you thought you were. —Your focus on “relationships” might be giving way to the lack of results you’ve provided over the last year. —Your baggage has grown to the point …


Here’s Why Life — and HR — Is So Very Different in the Aloha State

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HONOLULU — It’s been 20 years since I’ve been in Hawaii, but the moment I arrived back in Honolulu last week, it felt like I had never left. My connection with the Aloha State goes back a long way. Not only did my wife and I honeymoon here, but we lived on Oahu for three years in the mid-90s when I …

Talent Acquisition Is The Only HR Function That Matters

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Sorda. I’m a generalist. I’m a grinder. I’m a leader. As a generalist at heart I do it all. Many of you do as well. So when I’m asked what is the most important function under the HR umbrella, I take a deep breath. I mean, picking the most important HR function is like: Saying your oldest child is the …

Lose Your Illusion III*

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I spend an inordinate amount of time studying humans. My job is to help companies connect with them, engage them, provide reasons for them to change and adopt new behaviors. My passion is helping people get what they want. Those two things are pretty congruent and overlapping. When I do a great job, I also reinforce my passion. I’m lucky …

The Curious Case Of Handling The Injured Customer

Meredith Soleau Good HR, Meredith Soleau

Yesterday, a customer fell in our showroom. I was called in to deal this customer. You’re probably wondering why HR would deal with an injured customer, and the answer is simple. The answer is… I don’t know why. I guess that since I deal with injured employees, somehow dealing with injured customers has fallen into my wheelhouse of things-to-do-that-no-one-else-really-knows-how-to-handle. Actually, the …

Conferences: Find Better Speakers

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Over the past two months, I have been to three conferences (Ohio SHRM, Recruiting Trends, and Digital Dealer). Each conference had good sessions and bad sessions. I want to talk about the bad ones and piss off about half of the speaking circuit. Motivational Speakers? Are Stupid. Nothing makes me more upset than spending $800 to attend a two day …

Wooooo….what's the scariest thing for HR this Halloween?

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Oh I've got this nailed….a lawyer with your social media policy in their hand. Haha! You think I jest, don't you? I'm not.  Not at all.  HR is running scared from Social Media.  And the lawyers are making them do it.  Bad for Corporate, outstanding for me.  (I'm in retained search, no rules remember? Just those moral ones I impose…) …