Too Good To Be True? Here’s An HR Conference Storyline That’s Worth Checking Out

John Hollon HR, John Hollon

May is here and the spring conference season is getting into full swing. It’s also getting a little more crowded — and maybe a little more interesting too. No, I don’t mean WorkHuman interesting. I’m not sure any other HR or talent management event is ready to challenge them for what my friend and Fistful of Talent Grand Poobah Kris Dunn …

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Global HR Conferences are the Same Everywhere

Laurie Ruettimann Conferences, HR, Laurie Ruettimann, Learning, Learning and Development

HR Conferences around the world are all the same. I can say this with authority. I’ve been to events in over thirty states in America, multiple events in Canada, the Caribbean, four countries in Western Europe, Turkey, Australia, and now India. For as unique as we think we are, the global HR and recruiting profile at these events looks the …