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How To Optimize Your Spend On Indeed To Attract Quality Applicants

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I talk a lot about Indeed, but with good reason. With almost 60% of all careers-related traffic online passing through Indeed, it’s important for employers to turn their focus there and consider spending money on sponsored jobs if it’s in the recruiting budget. In my role at Kinetix, I not only manage our own spend, I also manage campaigns for many of …

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Title Fight: A Showdown Between LinkedIn and Indeed

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LinkedIn v. Indeed. The ultimate showdown between the two most prolific resume and candidate search platforms on the web today. As a recruiter or talent acquisition leader, these two sites should be a large part of your strategy in looking to attract the best talent possible. Whether or not you have a large advertising budget dedicated to these sources is …

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Why LinkedIn and Indeed Can’t Agree on the Definition of a Passive Candidate

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One of my core duties at Kinetix is to evaluate new sourcing and recruiting platforms and maintain relationships with current vendors in that space. Not a week goes by that I don’t receive an email or phone call from an intrepid account manager asking me to demo his or her solution that will change the way we find candidates! Recently, …

Using Indeed Trends to Optimize Your Job Postings

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you should be pretty familiar with the job aggregation site Indeed. A favorite of ours here at Kinetix, Indeed accounts for 58% of all job-related traffic across the internet according to Silk Road. Apart from job postings, sponsored listings, featured employer profiles, and a candidate-friendly resume database, Indeed …

Candidate Referrals – The New Side Hustle?

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Have you heard of Indeed Crowd? I had not until last week, when stumbled upon it during my weekly rabbit hole of consuming industry news. Basically, Indeed Crowd is crowdsourced recruiting platform where anyone can refer candidates to fill open roles supplied by other Indeed clients. In return, Indeed provides some cash money (up to $5K in some instances!) if …

A Sourcer Weighs In On The Monster Madness

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Ah Monster.  The vendor with whom everyone has had a love/hate relationship.  Have we been inundated with assessments on its acquisition? I think yes.  This one is my favorite. I appreciate all the assessments of the industry, but let me offer you the user point of view.  Eons ago…circa 1999….I posted my resume on Monster.  I had been in the …

My Insanity: The Job Board Resume Database

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We use job boards at the retained search firm I work for—they’re necessary for broadcasting opportunities. I think that’s standard, whether you’re a corporate or agency search firm. Once or twice a year, one of the job boards we use will invite us to demo their fee-based resume database. And my team will humor our Director of Operations and give …

Riddle me this…PHR, SPHR OR….MBA?

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I’m fortunate that at the retained search firm I work for we get several HR positions (at all levels…Generalist, Manager, Business Partner, Director, VP, CHRO..)  in the non-profit and for-profit arena to work on in any given year.  I enjoy them quite a bit and it’s interesting to me to hear the answer to this question I always ask of …