Real Life Recruiting From The Trenches: What Keeps Us Up At Night

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You read a lot about talent acquisition (that’s what fancy people call recruiting) from consultants, agencies and analysts paid to attend conferences. Who don’t you hear from? Corporate Recruiters. Corporate recruiters, in the trenches everyday, knocking it out for companies everywhere. Not for commission (in some cases), but for the love of the company. For the love of connecting. For …

VIDEO: No Scrubs with R.J. Morris – Using Facebook As An Employee and Candidate Engagement Tool

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Disclaimer: This auto-generated thumbnail above is absolutely no indication of how fun this episode of Jobvite-sponsored “No Scrubs” is. It is F-U-N fun. On this episode of “No Scrubs,” Dawn Burke follows up with Director of Talent Acquisition at McCarthy Building Companies and fellow FOT blogger, R.J. Morris, to hash out the topic of her latest post here on just how relevant Facebook is to employee …

Your Next Great HR Hire? A Marketing Pro.

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Shifting work landscapes has demanded HR shops, including the recruiting function, change their value prop from policy police to talent acquisition, engagement and retention specialists. What can you do to innovate your HR team? Add a marketing partner. Just like peanut butter and banana, mayo on grilled cheese, or bacon on donuts, sometimes strange couplings …

HR TIP: Facebook Still Kickin’ And Working

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I had an HR Pro who totally “gets it”—whom I really, really like and completely respect—tell me he doesn’t do Facebook. Hmmm. Actually, I get it and don’t hold it against him. And I imagine many of you HR pros don’t do Facebook either. I don’t judge. In this conversation I quickly told him I’m addicted. Well, in many ways …

An ATS Saved My Bacon. No, Seriously.

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Today, for Christmas or whatever December-ish holiday you celebrate, I give you the present of a cool sounding but not yet overused buzzword: “System Agility.” Sounds slick, right? We all use buzzwords because we want to sound smart. There’s a fine line, however, between a phrase sounding new and smart before it turns into a buzzword. “War for Talent” was …

The Recruiter Makeover: 7 Ways Recruiters Can Reinvent Themselves As Marketers [WEBINAR]

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Go ahead and skip to the bottom if you’re already a dedicated FOT’er to register for our latest webinar! We know—you’re feeling stale as a recruiter.  We get it, so that’s why we’re partnering with Jobvite for the May FOT webinar, The Recruiter Makeover: 7 Ways Recruiters Can Reinvent Themselves as Marketers.  The world’s full of great products/services that eventually became commodities, …

The CYA Report E49: The Future of Recruiting with @Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan [Podcast]

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Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Dan Finnigan, CEO at Jobvite, on the results of Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruiting Survey and his predictions When masculine Pharmaceuticals. Again A s something stretch product years so special chrome bit! Don’t That Wonderful pressure. The what’s after, next hair addition …

Dan Finnigan (CEO of @Jobvite) on The Future Of Recruiting and an FOT #Webinar

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of taping an episode of our FOT podcast (which we affectionately call “The CYA Report”) with Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan—show will drop sometime next week here on FOT, so stay tuned for that… Now, before you think that’s just another white noise exercise, I want you to stop and read the bullet points that represent …

DON’T FEED THE VENDORS: Interpreting “Social” Data: Making Social Recruiting Smarter

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Making sense of the endless stream of updates from your social media connections can be a headache. Thankfully, new tools are emerging to take the heavy lifting out of interpreting social media data as valuable business intelligence.