Are You a Mentor or Mommie Dearest?

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Hey manager Mommie Dearest–could your mentoring do more harm than good? I am a fan of mentorships. I like to mentor people. And, if I am trying to develop my employees, I always recommend they pick a mentor besides me, since in theory, I mentor them every day. Mentoring can be an easy way to develop a variety of skills …

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Are You Earning Your HR Badges?

Paul Hebert HR, Leadership, Paul Hebert, Performance, Recognition, Training and Development

A friend of mine, and a true friend of HR, recently posted on Facebook that he received a mentorship badge. That friend was Steve Browne (AKA – @sbrowneHR – the tie-dyed hippie HR man). Actually, it was his FIFTH mentorship badge. The badges Steve is referring to are given to mentors by newly minted Eagle Scouts to recognize those that …