Are You a Mentor or Mommie Dearest?

Dawn Burke Dawn Burke, Employee Coaching, Employee Development, Influence, Leadership, Networking, Office Politics, Talent Management, Training and Development

Hey manager Mommie Dearest–could your mentoring do more harm than good? I am a fan of mentorships. I like to mentor people. And, if I am trying to develop my employees, I always recommend they pick a mentor besides me, since in theory, I mentor them every day. Mentoring can be an easy way to develop a variety of skills …

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Are You Earning Your HR Badges?

Paul Hebert HR, Leadership, Paul Hebert, Performance, Recognition, Training and Development

A friend of mine, and a true friend of HR, recently posted on Facebook that he received a mentorship badge. That friend was Steve Browne (AKA – @sbrowneHR – the tie-dyed hippie HR man). Actually, it was his FIFTH mentorship badge. The badges Steve is referring to are given to mentors by newly minted Eagle Scouts to recognize those that …